About Us

Rush, Marshall, Jones and Kelly, P.A.

We are a general commercial law firm committed to honoring our tradition, providing superior service, and treating our clients with fairness and integrity. Rush Marshall serves financial institutions, businesses and individuals with its extensive experience in the areas of credit union and banking law, lending law, compliance, creditors’ rights, civil and commercial litigation, appellate law, contract law, corporate and business law, defending creditors in bankruptcy, debt collection, foreclosure, replevin, leasing and real estate law and transactions. The firm maintains a state-wide practice in State and Federal courts across Florida.



Founded in 1947, Rush Marshall has maintained its roots in Orlando for over 6 decades. Through the years, Rush Marshall has been home to past and future members of the state and Federal judiciary, a Past President of The Florida Bar and Orange County Bar Association, and other leaders and authorities in the Florida legal community. We hold ourselves accountable to this standard of excellence…



The attorneys at Rush Marshall strive to keep fees and overhead as low as possible, in keeping with the highest ideals of our profession. Our firm’s niche is not to be the cheapest attorneys in town. Rather, we seek to deliver legal services by some of the most experienced attorneys in Florida, with excellent service and short response times, at extremely reasonable rates. We focus our efforts on service tailored to the needs of the client, rather than forcing the client to fit into our program. We seek to fashion a pricing structure which will meet your particular goals, and remain flexible in considering any proposal. We find that most clients are happiest with the predictability of flat fees, and offer a variety of services in this format. Our firm brochure and pricing structure sets out the typical fee structures we use, but we are open to virtually any structure that produces a bottom line that will enable us to meet our overhead and provide a comfortable living for our employees. We offer flat fees for services we can control or predict, but not for services with demand levels controlled by the client (the latter results in “getting what you paid for” – either poor service and slow response times, or over-payment for the value received in exchange for the certainty in price – but rarely results in getting the best value for the money).



Your customers expect honesty and fairness from you, and you should expect nothing less from your most trusted and confidential advisors. Billing abuses by attorneys are so common that attorney jokes are a part of our culture. It is shameful. Our law firm works hard to change this poor opinion of attorneys. Our hourly rates are billed at true clock time, with no double billing, mark-ups, or other abuses (we do have minimums, which are clearly set forth in our fee agreements). We do not have hidden charges. We do not nickel-and-dime our clients with dozens of little fees and expenses. We do not bill for copies, telephone, faxes, or other common add-ons. In short, we believe that our bills should be fair and reasonable. We ask our clients to let us know if they ever consider a bill to be unreasonable, and if we can’t explain it to their satisfaction, we will reduce the fee to the amount the client believes is fair. Our final bills are often substantially less expensive than the same work done by attorneys who quote a much lower rate. We hire attorneys, too, and this is how we like to be treated.

Historical Information

Rush Marshall’s founding partner, Fletcher G. Rush (1917-2003), was admitted to Practice in 1942. Mr. Rush joined Robert J. Pleus in 1946 to form the firm Pleus, Edwards and Rush. He later started his own practice, Law Offices of Fletcher G. Rush, and was then joined by John Reed, now a former Federal judge. In 1957, Charles V. Marshall joined the firm, which became Rush, Reed and Marshall. Since 1969, the firm was known as “Rush Marshall” and has been Rush, Marshall, Jones and Kelly, P.A. since 1999.

Old Rush Marshall Bldg

For decades, the Rush Marshall offices were located in the Orlando Federal Savings and Loan Building at the intersection of Orange Avenue and Livingston Street, until it was razed to make room for the new courthouse.