Debt Collection

Rush Marshall provides commercial and consumer debt collection services in all Florida courts. The department includes three attorneys and a staff of collectors, legal assistants and a skip tracer. The firm has utilized leading-edge technology to develop a custom computer system enabling it to provide unequaled client service in collection of debts. Our sophisticated calendar and claim monitoring system assures that all claims are diligently collected, so that a maximum return is achieved on the client’s entire debt portfolio. Clients receive a progress report on every case every month, and a detailed statement for claims on which money was collected. Statistical reports enable the client to easily evaluate our performance.

Rush Marshall handles claims of all sizes. For smaller claims that may not merit a lawsuit, the collection staff uses a telephone and letter campaign to collect the debt. For larger claims we are able to take the cases to court and force payment through the legal process. Legal fees are contingent based on recovery. The client can obtain all of its debt collection services from Rush Marshall maximizing recovery while reducing costs.

The goal of the Collection Department is to provide the highest net return on the client’s claims while providing quality legal representation. The firm recognizes the importance of maintaining the client’s reputation and business relationships, and treats all debtors with professionalism and courtesy. We know that many debtors will pay their debts, repair their credit, and become customers again.

Our ultimate aim is to provide you with the best service possible and to make your job a little easier. We hope you will give us the opportunity to demonstrate our services.